Results of questionnaire       

       1.       1                 had attended         for less than one year

                 9                                             between 1 and 5 years

               10                                             between 5 and 15 years

               19                                             for more than 15 years

              [ 4                 of the 39 were members of the PCC ]

        2.       0                 was                      under 20

                 3                 were                     between 21 and 40

                 9                                             between 41 and 60

               27                                             over 60

        3.       1                 child was              under 5

                 1                                             between 5 and 11

        4.       1                 attended               occasionally

                 1                                             monthly

               15                                             twice monthly

               22                                             weekly

        5.     12                 attended at            8.00 am

                 6                                             9.15 am

               16                                             11.00 am

               16                                             6.30 pm




Return to 1662 Readings (x3)






Welcome introduction (x5)

Meaningful because of its simplicity (x2)






Sunday School as part of service (x4)

Easier to follow (x3)

The Peace

New organist

No more chanting of psalms (x2)

Service sheets

Sermon preached from chancel steps

Baptisms as an integral part of services


Elimination of Matins with its special stress on OT & NT

Removal of monthly Sung Eucharist

Loss of BCP and replacement by frequently sub-literate CW

New language in Creed, Lord’s Prayer, new hymns (x10)

Chanting of psalms & canticles (x3)

Service often different from that advertised

Making things ‘accessible’ makes them sometimes ‘meaningless’

Content of some services very thin

Some new hymns are almost melody- or content-free

Division of congregation into traditionalist & modernist

New services more like a social gathering

New service (though better than others elsewhere) does not fully prepare one for taking the Sacrament

Morning Worship seems to lack form

No longer attend or attend less frequently (x6)




Now used to new format after disapproving at first

Choral Evensong (x3)

Sung Eucharist (x4)

BCP Evensong still a delight


Sung Eucharist (x2)


Things missed

Traditional 1662 format (x9)

Traditional hymns (x3)

Lord’s Prayer & Creed (x9)

The choir

Chanting of psalms & canticles

Matins (x7)

Careful leading of Evensong (x3)

Rarity of hearing the Gospel & Collects for each Sunday

The Gloria

The Intercession ‘Let us pray for the whole state  .  .  .’

O Lamb of God

Change of Wakes Service from an Evensong service


Things not missed

Long sermons

Chanting of psalms (x2)

The Benedicite

Family Communion la CW


Changes more likely to help ministry

Yes - 6

No - 5 (especially to 1662 people: Astbury no longer special & distinctive)

Don’t know - 3

1662 now confined to 8 & 6.30, not the main service.

Lost congregation not (yet) offset by new faces (x2)

Distinctions are pernicious with their tacit assumption that the three are separate and unreconcilable (x2)


Reasons for attendance at St Mary’s -

Rector (x7)

Curate (x3)

Good sermon (x3)

Friendly people (x10)

Decent hymns (x2)

Lovely building (x5)

Atmosphere of spirituality (x7)

8.00 am HC (x5)

Choral Evensong (x3)

Evensong (x1)

Enjoy singing in the choir (x4)

Local church (x8)

Children attended JC and were married here (x3)

Traditional services (x4)

Main connection with God outside the daily grind


Other comments -

Could an earlier Sunday service be held using the new format?

Service on Sunday afternoon or weekday evening?

Mattins on 5th Sundays?

Good, thought-provoking sermons appreciated

Discussion of changes at Annual Parish Meeting?

Dislike of questionnaires

Only readers who understand the texts should be used

Dislike of ‘prayers’ followed by pauses of indeterminate length

Try to blend Tradition with Modernity

Junior Church improving all the time

Concern for younger generation being given CW and not introduced to BCP & AV at main service

Concern about declining numbers at 11.00 am & 6.30 pm

Words of service less important than what is in our hearts and how we behave to others

Why in one of the new Creeds do I believe but in the other it is We?