The Novels

This is a list of Joe Poyer's novels in chronological order.

Operation Malacca - 1968

North Cape - 1969

1971 Sphere 1973 Sphere 1979 Sphere 1981 Sphere

An American pilot flys his top-secret spy-plane, the A-17, over a combat zone on the Russian-Chinese border. As he races back to Europe with his vital intellegence his is cnased and shot down over Norway. The Americans and Russians race to get to him first.

The Balkan Assignment - 1971

An American pilot is hired to help recover Nazi gold from an abandoned WW2 base in Yugoslavia.

The Chinese Agenda - 1972

A team of Americans and Russians venture into a remote region of China to pick up some important information.

Hell Shot (The Shooting of the Green) - 1973

1978 Sphere

An anti-drugs agent called Cole Brogan discovers a surprise in Ireland.

The Day of Reckoning - 1976

The Americans and Russians are about to sign an important peace treaty. Some would rather the cold war didn't end.

The Contract - 1978

Cole Brogan returns, this time infiltrating a gang that will rob a bank in Sweden.

Tunnel War - 1979

A fictional Channel Tunnel is being built in 1911. The Germans would like it destroyed as it would allow British troops easy access to France in the event of war.

Vengeance 10 - 1980

Germany's rocket scientists are developing the V-10 rocket. It will be powerful enough to go to the moon. A British agent is convinced of the danger.

Devoted Friends - 1982

A Time of War: The Transgressors - 1983

A Time of War: Come Evil Days - 1985

A Time of War

I had assumed that his WW2 saga, A Time of War, was intended to have a third volume but I never found any evidence of it. David got in touch to say: "I corresponded with Joe Poyer, and he said that there were supposed to be 4 volumes, but he got fed up with big publishers, and so started his own publishing company, doing non-fiction."


Since writing these novels Joe Poyer has concentrated on non-fiction books on military related subjects including submarines, helicopters and antique guns.

Short Fiction

Prior to the novels listed above Joe Poyer wrote a number of science fiction short stories that were published in Analog magazine in the 1960s. I don't believe that any were published in novel form with the exception of Operation Malacca and the two "A-17" stories. I found the following list online and added my own descriptions.

Mission "Red Clash" Analog December 1965 (collected in Analog 5, 1967) The first of two stories depicting Poyer's fictional A-17 spyplane. It was later incorporated into North Cape
Operation Malacca Analog March 1966 The basis for his first short novel.
Under the Wide and Starry Sky Analog May 1966 A story set in Earth orbit onboard a Gemini mission that goes wrong.
Spirits of '76 Analog August 1966 A story set on the moon.
Pioneer Trip Analog February 1967 An accident occurs on the first mission to Mars. Do the astronauts turn back?
Mission: Red Plague Analog November 1967 The second of two stories depicting Poyer's fictional A-17 spyplane. It was also later incorporated into North Cape.
Null Zone Analog July 1968 A story set in the Vietnam war. Radioactive nuclear waste is to be used to block the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
Specialty Analog August 1968  
Pipeline Analog December 1968 A long short story based on a vital water pipeline in the near future.