23 December 2008

Barbie has been keeping an eye on the AMC Prisoner site at www.amctv.com/originals/the-prisoner.

First of all here is a photo of Ruth (in a cathedral) with reddish hair...

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Here is a interesting little bit from Sir Ian's blog entry of December 9th...

Back in Cape Town , in the upper reaches of the old Mutual Insurance building where inner-city gentry now live, we also filmed some scenes that take place in New York City . New York ? What have they done to The Prisoner? I'm not allowed to spoil it for you by telling, even if I knew it all. But I can confide that Nick Hurran has encouraged considerable re-writing as the end of shooting approaches. Bill Gallagher's team have been flown out to see us and present a few amended scenes that will transform the final episode and, I hazard, have you begging for more. There have been some extra speeches added to my part but Ruth Wilson's has been greatly expanded in all directions. Her reward will be to be kept behind in Cape Town after most of the rest of us have left for London and the holidays!

Well, that sounds interesting!

16 December 2008

Barbie spotted a photo of Ruth and the cast of The Prisoner over on blogs.amctv.com/the-prisoner/news

9 December 2008

Barbie had a look at the new Christmas tv guides and told me that Marple: Nemesis will FINALLY be shown on ITV on 1 January 2009.

29 November 2008

The AMC Prisoner production blog suggests that the show is nearing the end of production, although Ruth is still filming. Read more at blogs.amctv.com.

26 November 2008

Here's a little glimpse of Ruth in the Prisoner segment on www.newseasonnewhorizons.com.

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PS The new issue of the Radio Times implies that we will get to see Marple: Nemesis over Christmas. I'm not holding my breath!

20 November 2008

Lisa tells me that there is a trailer for The Prisoner in the showreel section of the ITV1Winter/Spring line-up website. A scene with Ruth is featured. Check out www.newseasonnewhorizons.com

23 October 2008

The BBC put out a press release todaythat they will be adapting Andrea Levy's WW2-era novel Small Island. Ruth will be playing the role of landlady Queenie. The drama will take the form of two 90 minutes episodes and begins filming "early next year for transmission in autumn 2009 on BBC One". There's lots more info contained in the press release and you can read it at www.bbc.co.uk. Thanks to Lisa for the alert.

5 October 2008

Oh, it's been a while since I last updated...

Just found out about this today. Marple series 3 is out on DVD tomorrow. This includes Ruth's episode "Nemesis". Was this on ITV when I wasn't looking?

20 August 2008

The first two episodes of Jane Eyre will be shown on BBC4 on Saturday 23 August from 7:30pm. The final two episodes will be shown on saturday 30 August at the same time.

8 August 2008

Check out blogs.amctv.com for a 3 minute video at the first read-through of The Prisoner. You can just spot Ruth for a second at about 1:10 at the left of the picture:

Also here she is at the end:

2 August 2008

Barbie sent in a couple of The Prisoner finds.

www.bloggernews.net/116988 gives a link to a site called www.seekthesix.com which provides a bit of a puzzle to solve.

www.purepeople.com is a french site with a couple of photos of Ruth.

The new issue of SFX magazine has a piece on The Prisoner remake but it really doesn't give anything away.

25 July 2008

Today I learned a new number: 313.

AMC announced today four new cast members to star in the network's reinterpretation of the highly influential 1960s cult classic The Prisoner. AMC is co-producing the six-part mini-series with ITV Productions and Granada International, with a worldwide premiere set for 2009. Today's news comes on the heels of the network's recent announcement that Jim Caviezel will play the title role of Number Six and two-time Oscar nominee Ian McKellen will co-star playing the role of Number Two. New cast members of The Prisoner include...

No. 313 will be played by Ruth Wilson, a BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated actress best known for her portrayal of Jane Eyre; she also gained critical acclaim in Stephan Poliakoff's Capturing Mary and A Real Summer.

Source: blogs.amctv.com.

I'll have to decide if I'll rename the page "Number 313 - The Placeholder page".

24 July 2008

Thanks to Lisa for getting in touch with these links. ITV1 are finally going to be showing Marple:Nemesis in the next couple of weeks and have put a press pack on-line. Check out www.itv.com. The link to the press kit is at the bottom of the page. it includes a page about Ruth plus a photo of her driving the bus!

Also Play.com have Suburban Shootout Series 2 to buy on dvd for £7.99. Series 1 is just £4.99.

15 July 2008

I've just confirmed with Ruth's agents that it is indeed 'our' Ruth Wilson who will be in The Prisoner.

There's a bit more information on the remake at moviesblog.mtv.com.

12 July 2008

I just got a very interesting Google alert...

Watch out for... Hayley Atwell, who has been rehearsing in London with Ian McKellen, Jim Caviezel, Ruth Wilson, Toby Jones, Lennie James and Mark Addy for the new-look series of cult drama The Prisoner. Next month they all head to Namibia and Cape Town to film the six-part series for ITV.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk.

This is the first I have heard about it. I assume that it's "our" Ruth. It's great news if true because I'm a big fan of The Prisoner. A remake has been on the cards for years but has never quite happened.

Be seeing you!

1 June 2008

Barbie tells me that UKTV Drama are repeating Jane Eyre at 8.00am and again at 2.00pm from June 3rd to June 6th.

14 May 2008

Thanks to Barbie and Lisa for sending this in. If you missed The Doctor Who Hears Voices it is being repeated on Channel 4 next Monday night at 1:50 am. It's in the listings mags as Monday 19 May. If you're setting your video recorder then make sure you put program it for 20 May!

9 May 2008

Thanks to Coen for letting me know that Ruth's NEW agent's are Markham and Froggatt. You can see her page at www.markhamfroggatt.com

7 May 2008

Not Ruth news, but worth a mention. www.variety.com reports that there's going to be a Jane Eyre movie staring Ellen Page. It should be filmed later in the year.

4 May 2008

Thanks to list for sending in this news. Ruth is going to be on the radio again in the BBC4 adaptation of The Mayor of Casterbridge.

The following is from the BBC Press Office:

Classic Serial The Mayor Of Casterbridge Ep 1/3 Sunday 18 May 3.00-4.00pm BBC RADIO 4

An all-star cast illuminates this new dramatisation of one of the best known of Thomas Hardy's novels, The Mayor Of Casterbridge.

One drunken night at a fair, Michael Henchard auctions off his wife, Susan, and their baby daughter to a sailor for five guineas. In the sober light of day, Henchard's terrible realisation of what he has done compels him to swear an oath to abstain from alcohol for 21 years and he sets about the fruitless task of searching for his wife and child.

Eighteen years later, Henchard, now a successful corn merchant and the Mayor of Casterbridge, gets the chance to make amends when Susan and Elizabeth-Jane unexpectedly walk back into his life.

Friendship and rivalry, lies and revelations, love and loss, unexpected arrivals and sad departures weave their way through Henchard's dramatic and tragic life.

The Mayor of Casterbridge is dramatised by Helen Edmundson, whose recent work includes dramatisations of War And Peace for Shared Experience and Coram Boy for the National Theatre.

Michael Henchard is played by John Lynch, Susan by Olwen May, Elizabeth-Jane by Ruth Wilson, Lucetta by Emma Fielding and Donald Farfrae by Paul Higgins. The narration is by Maggie Steed and the cast also includes Burn Gorman, Conrad Nelson, Russell Dixon, David Fielder, Jonathan Keeble, Sue Ryding, Lorna Lewis and Vashti Machlachlan.

23 April 2008

I've not had a chance to watch all of The Doctor Who Hears Voices yet, but what I've seen so far was very good. Here's a piece from one newspaper reviewer:

Not only was Ruth Fielding not her real name, but while everyone else appeared as themselves in this extremely unusual, hugely intriguing documentary, Ruth was played (quite brilliantly) by Ruth Jane Eyre Wilson, who used medical records to improvise her scenes.

Source: entertainment.timesonline.co.uk

Other reviews at blogs.guardian.co.uk, www.independent.co.uk and www.mirror.co.uk.

19 April 2008

There's an article about The Doctor Who Hears Voices in today's Times newspaper and you can read it at entertainment.timesonline.co.uk.

18 April 2008

I may have seen these photos before, but anyway there's some nice Ruth shots on lee-fragilidad.livejournal.com.

There was a trailer for The Doctor Who Hears Voices on TV last night. "There's Ruth!" I said.

15 April 2008

Thanks to both Barbie and Amo for sending me updates on Ruth's next project. It's been retitled The Doctor Who Hears Voices, and will be shown on Channel 4 (rather than BBC2) at 10pm on Monday 21 April 2008.

There is an article on www.independent.co.uk and an entry at library.digiguide.com. There's also a little piece in the new Radio Times that I will scan.

24 March 2008

Thanks to Barbie for sending me this via Mai's site.

The sound-recordist on Ruth's next project has posted some info and photos on her blog at www.marymilton.co.uk.

The drama-documentary has a working title of Mad and is due to be boardcast on BBC2 during April 2008.

12 March 2008

I'm toying with a new logo. Let me know if you like it or hate it!

Barbie found some lovely Ruth photos at www.lydiajanesaunders.com. One of them is the full version of the one that appeared in the Weekend magazine last year. Also if you do a search for "Ruth Wilson" at www.photoshot.com you can find five pages of similar photos, although they have a watermark on them. Nice finds.

4 March 2008

Barbie let me know about a photo of Ruth at the What's on Stage thingy. Click along to picture 8 of 24.

Looks like a DVD of Freezing is due out on 31 March. I assume it includes the episode that Ruth appeared in.

23 February 2008

Ruth will be attending the Whatsonstage.com Theatregoers’ Choice Awards tomorrow night according to www.whatsonstage.com.

22 February 2008

As expected Ruth turned up in Freezing on BBC2 last night. She was only in it for about 10 minutes but it was nice to see her again, and playing a very different character. I thought it was quite a funny show actually. Tom Hollander deserves some kind of award.

20 February 2008

Another reminder that Ruth will be in Freezing on BBC2 this week. The first episode is on tonight.

13 February 2008

A reminder that Ruth should show up in Freezing next week on BBC2, Weds 20 - Fri 22. Her name is on the cast list in the Radio Times, but towards the bottom of the list.

According to Mai's site Ruth may well be appearing in something called The Burning of Bridget Cleary by Angela Bourke. This is the synopsis.

"In 1895 twenty-six-year-old Bridget Cleary disappeared from her house in rural Tipperary . At first, some said that the fairies had taken her into their stronghold in a nearby hill, from where she would emerge, riding a white horse. But then her badly burned body was found in a shallow grave. Her husband, father, aunt and four cousins were arrested and charged, while newspapers in nearby Clonmel, and then in Dublin , Cork , London and further afield attempted to make sense of what had happened. In this lurid and fascinating episode, set in the last decade of the nineteenth century, we witness the collision of town and country, of storytelling and science, of old and new. The torture and burning of Bridget Cleary caused a sensation in 1895 which continues to reverberate more than a hundred years later."

Ruth has appeared in an American fashion magazine called Nylon. It should be the February 2008 issue. If anyone can supply scans that would be good of you. Somewhere in the accompanying article Ruth has apparently written something to do with an event in her family's past.

Many thanks to barbie for collecting the news items!

5 February 2008

Thanks to Barbie for alerting me to this news from Mai's site. Ruth's new project, Freezing, will be broadcast on Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd February - BBC2, 10pm

26 January 2008

Thanks to both Bill and Barbie for sending me these links to three photos of Ruth at the Bafta/LA Tea Party.

19 January 2008

As you will probably know by now Ruth didn't get the Golden Globe for Jane Eyre. Here's a story from the Daily Mail about how she didn't even get to ceremony because of the writers strike. Note however that she is having "meetings with producers"...

Ruth Wilson misses her chance for a bit of Globes glam

The screenwriters' strike, about to go into its 12th week, is breaking a lot of hearts here.

The writers' dispute, as we all know, killed off the Golden Globes ceremony, which was particularly crushing for first-time nominees such as Ruth Wilson, the English actress who had been nominated for her striking portrayal of Jane Eyre in the recent BBC TV drama.

What's more, it was her birthday on Sunday - the day she was going to put on a sexy gown and sashay down the red carpet.

"I wanted to dress up and be glamorous and have fun," she sighed, as we sat in the Beverly Hills hotel at the Bafta/LA Tea Party sipping, well, champagne, of course.

It was good that Peter Morris and his Bafta committee didn't give in to those who wanted to cancel the event.

"I wouldn't have had anywhere to go if this had been shut down as well," she said.

Ruth was still pretty upbeat, though, having had some meetings with producers and a road trip along the coast.

She'll be back.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk.

Barbie tells me that there are some pictures of Ruth in the USA on Mai's site.

Bill found some Surburban Shootout pictures of Ruth on Emma Kennedy's website.