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These links are all to personal fanfic archives where Sam and Jack related stories (amongst others in many cases) can be found. By 'personal', I mean sites containing fanfic by just one or several authors. The list is by no means a comprehensive compilation of all the Sam and Jack sites out there, but I reckon it's a pretty good attempt at putting all of the best ones together in one place! If you have a favourite site that you can't see on the list, then I've either a) missed it out for whatever reason, forgetfulness being most likely, or b) don't know about it. In which case I'd very much *like* to know about it! Either way, please email the site link to me so I can go check it out and if I like it, I'll add it to the list.




< A >

A Magnificent Obsession!

Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction by Shiaw Mei Mei

AC's SG1 Fanfiction


Fiction by Ness

Ad Astra Per Aspera 

Fic by Christi

Aeryn's Gatefic   

African Stargate

Biltong's Fic

Alice S. aka Carter's SJ Fanfics   

Allison's Alcove

Fanfiction by Allison West who is sadly no longer writing :( 

Amelie's Stargate Fanfiction   

Andrea M's Fanfiction   

Angel Girl

Fic by Jen

Annerb Fic   

Arietty's Stargate Website   

Arla's Sam and Jack Fanfic

Avalon Online | Stargate Fan Fiction   

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Babalouie's Stargate Fanfiction Site   

Bad Influence & Loving It

SJ Fic by Tricia: Because sometimes even true love needs a smutty little nudge

Becky's Fic

Stargate SG-1 Fic by Becky Ratcliffe

Beautifully Flawed Heroes   

Fic by Helen Taft


Fic by Rowan Darkstar & Anna Karrennina

Beneath The Surface

Diane's Sam/Jack Shipper Site



The Stargate site of one  alittletoolate

Blue Topaz Fic Page

Bonding with Bovines   

Fic by Hyaright

Bowerbird's Jewels...

Brenna's Scribbles   

Broken Thoughts

Jara's Stargate SG-1 Stories

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< C >

Capricorn's Stargate FanFic


Circle Girl

just like kit marlowe

Crystal Candle's SG1 Fanfiction

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< D >

Don't Leave Home   

Home of Clara's fanfiction

dietcokechic's Fanfiction Site

Distant Lands   

Fic by Jena Bartley

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< E >

Easily Amused   

Fic by chlex


The fanfiction of elly427

Elise's Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction Page

Emerald City

Denise's Fanfiction

Event Horizon

A Stargate Shippers Site. Because Ship Happens.

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< F >


Family Archives

Fanfiction by A.j.


SG1 Fanfiction of AEddey

Fic With Fins

Stargate SG1 FanFiction by Su Freund and Fullin28

Flutterby Moments   

Fic by Lexx


Now a dormant site, but the home of Doc's Surgery. One of the best fanfic (and now professional!fic) authors 'out there'.

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< G >

Gizzie's Website   

It's all mine I tell you


Got Chemistry? - Magnets -   

Gravity Not Included   

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< H >

Hallucinations and Realisations

Fanfiction by Scully

Hidden Truths

We have a theory. They have a secret.

Holly's Corner of the Universe

The Hoodat Lair

Stargate SG1 Fan Fiction by Hoodat Whatzit

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< I >

I Adore You Already

A Sam and Jack Site by Matteabrit

Iced Heat's Fanfiction   

Imponderable Platforms

Home of the Stargate SG-1 fan fiction of Isis6


A Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction site built by a fan of Colonel Jack O'Neill and his team.

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< J >

Jack and Sam Always   

Fic by Rosemary, Marimba26, Audrey, Sacme, MadGater & MajorSal


Jackie W's Stargate SG1 Fanfiction   

Janis Cortese Fanfiction Archive

Stargate SG-1 ain't he purty.


Jennaya's Stargate SG-1 Fanfic

Jez's Fanfiction

Jinxing Fate   

Fic by SGCBearcub

Julia's Stargate Fanfiction   

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< K >

Katianna's Place

Keep Me A Secret

Liv Loves You

Kitty S

Kristie's Fanfiction   

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< L >

Lady Leptopus

From the Odd Little Off-World Missions

LauraJo's Lunar Lounge

Let Them Eat Cake   

Fic with cake!

Lone Pyramid

Shane Vansen's Stargate SG-1 fanfiction

Lost In Paradise

Fic by Little Kitten

Love and Darkness and My Sidearm...

Works by B. Cavis

Love and War

Venom's Sam and Jack site

Lyss' Insanity Lair   

Lyta's Stargate Fan Fiction

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< M >

Mary KleinSmith's SG1 Fanfic

Michelle V's Stargate SG-1 Stories

Mind Games

CGB's Fanfiction

Miracle Dreamer

Mirror, Mirror   

Fic by Melyanna


Moments In Time

Chiroho's Fanfiction

Moments of Adoration

splash_the_cats fic

My Paradise Lost

Fanfiction by Serendipity

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< N >

Nanda's Lament


NG's Fanfiction   

Nicky Chevalier's Stargate SG-1 Fic

Noda's Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction

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< O >

OffWorld Activation

K. Siegfried's Stargate SG-1 Fanfic Archives

...out of the badlands 

Stories and stuff by Little Red

Out of the Room

Fanfiction by Gail R Delaney

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< P >

P3X595 - The Adventures of Sam & Jack   

Fic by Vicki

Pixie's Haven

Polly's Piddling Fic

Polly Lynn's Sam and Jack Fic

Poohmusing's Scribbles

Stargate SG-1 Fics by Karen T

PUK's Stories

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< R >

Random Leaves

Stargate SG-1 Fic by JoJo

Random Ramblings

Stargate SG-1 Fic by Jo R


Where Ship Happens. Fic by Moon_n_Star, Lisa Yaeger and Sharim

Ruralstar's Gatefic

Ruth M King

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< S >


Katmellie's Fanfiction

Sally's Fanfiction

Stories by Sally Reeve



Fanfiction by Sam Jones


Sarah's Stargate


Saramund's Shipfix

Secret Art

Selina's Sanctuary

Fanfic by Seldear

SG1 Shipper   

SGC Stargate Command

Fanfiction by Jade


Fic by Jen Gafeller

Silver Linings

Fanfiction by Linz

Skipped Stones   

A trilogy by Tere_C and Kat6919

Spyro's Stargate SG-1 Fanfic Page   

Stargate Intel | Fanfiction   

Stargate SG-1 Chrysalis   

One step closer to a whole new beginning...

Stargate SG-1 Gateway   

Fic by Mercedes

Stargate Ship AU

Starry Eyed Surprise

Sue's Stargate Fanfic

Fanfic by Sue Corkhill

Suz's FanFics

Fanfics by Suz W


Fanfic by S Pasquarello

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< T >

Tango's Stargate Source

Stargate SG-1 fics by Tango


Adult Sam and Jack Fics by Matteabrit

Tiff and Alex's SG-1 FanFic Archive

Time to Wonder   

Fanfic by spacejunkie82

the lies we tell

a stargate sg-1 fan page by Suz Voy

The Long Goodbye

Fanfiction by Sam Cole

The Socio-political Nerd

Indie's Stargate SG-1 fanfiction

The Things She Wrote

Fanfiction by Tigermoth26

Theoretically Possible

Claira's SG-1 fanfiction site (stars_like_dust)

TL's American Stargate Page

A stab at fanfiction by Toulouse

Trish's Stargate Fanfiction

Mainly Teal'c-centric fic, but there are a couple of SJ-related fics to be found...

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< W >

We Need Fear Nothing

Fanfiction by Divine Joker (soul's dark angel)

Wendy's Stargate Fan Fiction

Stargate Fanfiction by Wendy Parkinson

Windows of Opportunity

Fanfiction by Kelly Mullins

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