Farewell to the China Boats

The Blue Funnel Line
In Black and White Pictures

Some of these pictures are contemporary with the slides (I was still suspicious of colour so every other film was black and white) but most of them are older. Regrettably, some of them are beginning to fade but I've done the best I can with my limited ability.

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Boat Drill   Stentor, South Atlantic, c.1956
Stentor  arriving at Port Adelaide.
Calchas  in Hong Kong.
Jason  not sure where :-)
Ajax  in Long Beach, California. (Two years abaft the mast.)
Neleus  at Hobart, Tasmania.
Menestheus  on her trials.
Tantalus  approaching the pilot station off Port Swettenham.
Laertes  in her pilgrim garb.
Rhexenor  in the Suez Canal.
Dolius  in Singapore Roads.
Autolycus  in the China Sea.
Overtaking  in the Abu Ail channel, southern Red Sea.
Hong Kong Pilot Boat  hitching a ride back to harbour.
San Francisco Pilot Boat  plying her trade outside the Golden Gate.
South West Monsoon  in the Indian Ocean.
Keppel Harbour, Singapore  Breconshire alongside.
No. 2 Lower Hold  in Singapore.
No. 5 Tween Deck  in Hong Kong, 1949.
Tallying imports  at Holt's Wharf, Hong Kong,1949.
Harbour junk  bears away from Calchas, 1949
Deck cricket  on the Calchas, 1949.
Agamemnon  from the mainmast table, 1947.
Under sail  in the Cochin river 1947.
49 ton locomotive  on a 50 ton derrick.
Taking a bearing  - a prizewinner.
Sunday Overtime :-)  in a shipyard.
Whammy  in its most seen guise.
Sew-sew ladies  in Singapore.
Tank cleaning ladies  in Singapore.
Tonsorial Artist  on Sunday morning.
Officers' Bar  on the Ajax, Christmas 1954.
Deck Tennis on the Ajax.
Surfboarding off Bugo, Mindanao in the Phillipines.
Calf  born on the Ajax in the Pacific Ocean.
Imminent Surprise  for the Fridge man.
Bales of Rubber  destined for Dunlops, Liverpool.
Teak flooring  on a family junk.
Dunnage  landed on deck.
Football  at the Mission Ground, Port Swettenham.
U.S.S. Valley Forge  in Hong Kong harbour.
Flies round a honeypot  - shopping, off Moji, Japan.
Bees round a derrick  - up the Rejang River in Borneo.
Canoe visitors  - boys and girls in Borneo and the Phillipines.
Wooden deck repairs  - aboard the Ajax in Hong Kong
Lady hatch cleaners  opening tween deck hatches in Hong Kong.
Log pond  alongside Talthybius at Bohayan.
Preparing for star sights  - the tools laid out on the chart table
Knitted alongside  - Autolycus in Kobe, Japan, in 1952.
The Dock Road  and bar staff in Kobe, Japan.
Deepsea sounding machine  - a practise run.
Mechanically propelled lifeboat  from a pilgrim ship.
Tam sisters  in Hong Kong.
Galley girls  in Hong Kong.
Shy ladies  up from the tanks for a breather.
Line ashore  in Keppel harbour, Singapore.
Leaving port  and taking the shore side filth with us.
Health and Safety  - Borneo style.
Swimming pool  on number 5 hatch of the Ajax.
Fishing  - but not for tiddlers.
Blowing tubes?  A bit more than that!
Peggy on the spring  in Singapore.
The Captain  plays with his new toy.
Mail arriving  in Sourabaya, 1947.
The Golden Gate Bridge  and San Francisco Bay.
Casual gear  on the Stentor.
* Holidays at sea  in the 1930s.

more to follow.....

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