Agamemnon from the mainmast table. In Colombo harbour. She was a twin screw motor ship but, as was the custom of the time, she still carried the large funnel designed to improve the natural draft of the old coal burners.

The picture was taken on Wednesday, 4th February 1948, Ceylon's Independence Day. The flags flying from the foremast show that we had dressed ship in honour of the occasion. The whole of Colombo, including cranes and launches, had been decorated with lights and when it got dark the view was quite spectacular.

During the day we lowered half a dozen boats into the water for a soak. Quite a job handling double banked boats on the old radial davits with manual winches. We asked the Mate if we could take the motor boat for a run but he would not let us. However, he relented next day and we had a good run around the harbour and in to the landing stage.


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