Ajax in Long Beach, California.

I had read Dana's "Two Years Before the Mast" and thought it would be interesting to experience a two year voyage. It would also get all the necessary sea time between my Mate's and Master's tickets in at one fell swoop. So I left Birkenhead in November 1953 as Supernumary on Clytoneus. Left her on New Year's eve in Hong Kong and after a couple of nights in Winner House joined the Ajax. She was on the De La Rama run, a joint service between the Phillipine shipping company De La Rama, Swedish East Asiatic and ourselves. Our home port was New York and we traded between the States (both coasts) and the Phillipines, Hong Kong and Japan. 'Homeward' we also called at ports in Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. I crossed the Pacific nine times in her, then returned home as passenger in Cunard's Media from New York in November 1955.

Probably the happiest two years of my life at sea, although I was abaft the mast rather than before it.

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