Amethyst on her lap of honour in Singapore harbour whilst on her way home after her escape from the Yangtze. Pity that she was too close to fit in the frame!

I had been in Shanghai aboard the Calchas when she set off up the river. We were at Holt's Wharf at Pootung. Amethyst was berthed astern of us, and there were a couple of other Grey Funnel Line ships further along the quay. We met a few of her lads the evening before she went. They were playing football on 'our' pitch so, as we could not have the kick-about that we had gone for, we stayed to watch whilst they beat a team from the Black Swan 4-2. We had a beer at the Blue Funnel Club afterwards.

The day after she went up the Consort came alongside with her ten dead stretched out under ensigns on her foredeck. After that we departed for Kobe so people at home probably had more idea of what was going on than we did. We went back to Shanghai on the way home but there was no sign of further activity at that time. We arrived home on June 21st, 1949, which was the day our sister ship, the Anchises, was bombed in Shanghai. Caused a bit of a stir in my wider family because I had sailed on her and the more remote relatives thought that I was still on her.


This was one of the first transparencies I ever took. Unfortunately, it is an old fashioned 3.5 x 2.5 inch transparency and I have not yet learned how to get a good image from it. I'll keep trying.

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