Taking a bearing. This picture won second prize in the 1962 Seafarers' Education Service competition. It was later used as the cover picture on the Autumn 1963 edition of 'The Seafarer', much to the embarrassment of the subject who was ashore in Liverpool studying for his Mate's ticket at the time and had his leg pulled unmercifully by his fellow students. ('Cover girl' was the mildest taunt.)
It surfaced again at the 'Art and the Merchant Navy' exhibition in London and Liverpool in 1972, when my sons were old enough to be dragged along to see how talented their Dad was!

To pass exams it was necessary to learn the Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea off by heart and the original title of the picture was 'Risk of collision can be ascertained...' from the article which continued '...by closely watching the bearing of an approaching vessel.' However, that was clearly too much of a mouthful and the exhibitors toned it down to 'Taking a bearing.'

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