Glynne Pritchard kindly sent me these pictures. He was Third Mate on the Talthybius when we carried 311 cattle from Djibouti to Suez to feed the Egyptian army. We called in at Massawa on our way up the Red Sea so we had them aboard for five days. They did not smell any sweeter as the days went by!

On the first evening out one of the Malay sailors reported to the bridge, "Sir, we have beef in the alleyway." Investigation showed that one of the cattle had jumped over the sea step into the seamen's accommodation. It is said that you learn something new every day and that night we learned that cows cannot go astern and jump backwards over a sea step. Fortunately there was a cross alleyway and we were able to persuade the animal to proceed along that and down the opposite alleyway so that it could jump forwards over the other sea step to rejoin its colleagues on the open deck. Thank goodness it did not defecate whilst it was in transit!

Some of the more tender hearted were disturbed at the manner of handling the cattle, but the cows did not seem to mind. The first two pictures were actually taken from the Asphalion, the last when discharging from the Talthybius.

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