Lord Charlemont of Belfast. Built in 1886. It was on this ship that my Grandfather first used his new name, John Stevenson. He was originally Hugh Forrester. The last record we have of him as Hugh is of him signing off a coastal brig in Burry Port, South Wales, in April 1891. He then disappears. We pick him up again in December, signing on an American four-masted schooner in Pensacola,Florida, as John Forrester. He goes to Philadelphia, via Cuba, in her. A month later he joins a Belfast steamer to work his passage home, still as John Forrester. He gets no pay, but the crimp who put him there collected 90 US dollars. After being home for three months he completes his name change and signs on the Lord Charlemont for a trip back to the States. So whatever happened to make him change his identity took place between late April and early December 1891. And we cannot find out what it was!

This picture was sent to me some time ago. Unfortunately, when my last computer died it took with it the name of the sender. If they get in touch with me I'll be happy to give them the credit that's due.

Lord Charlemont

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