Chinese New Year Dinner menu from the Talthybius, 5th February 1962. We were running up the coast of Spain at the time, en route to Bilbao, and it was a bit rough, to say the least. Not surprisingly, the wives of the Chief and Second Engineers, who had joined us in Genoa, didn't make it. My wife, who was heavily pregnant at the time, not only made it but thoroughly enjoyed it despite being swung round in a complete circle at times as the ship rolled. (We had fixed swivel chairs at the table on this Victory ship.)

Glynne Pritchard, who was Third Mate at the time, has sent me a copy of his menu for the same dinner (see below). As he writes "Put's paid to the old whinge about the captain's table getting the choice cuts! You had shrimps, we had prawns, mind you we missed out on the giblets! "

The alternative menu...

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