Crew Lists

Their official title was 'Agreement and Account Of Crew. Foreign-Going Ship.' and we knew them as the 'Articles' (of Agreement) when I was at sea. However, the term Crew List seems to be the accepted one in genealogical circles these days.

The majority of British crew lists are held by the Maritime History Archive of the Memorial University of Newfoundland.   The good folks there kindly gave me permission to put this sample on line so that people can see what information they hold.

The Maritime History Archive home page can be found at

Their Crew Lists Index Search page is at

You need the ship's Official Number to search. This can usually be found by typing the ship's name into the search engine on the Mariners page at

Below are the main pages of the Agreement of s.s. Suningdale of West Hartlepool for a voyage from Blyth to the Eastern Med and back to Blyth in 1897. This voyage was a quiet one where all the seamen who signed on completed the voyage. That was not always the case. Click the link below the Agreement to see why seamen left abroad.

Click here to see why seamen left abroad

The format of the Agreement changed slightly after the 1894 Merchant Shipping Act.
Click here to see the signing on page of a pre-1894 Agreement.

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