Farewell to the China Boats

Papers, Documents etc

Various papers to do with British merchant seamen in the 19th and 20th centuries, including pages from the first issue of a discharge book, which was introduced in 1901 as a permanent record of a seaman's service.

A Fateful February  - story of the torpedoing of Asphalion.
* Message from a Malta Convoy  - June 1942.
1901 Discharge Book  One of the earliest issues.
Submarine Menace Certificate   Grandfather's cert from 1918.
1947 Discharge Book  including a two year trip.
Efficient Deckhand Certificate  received in 1949.
Lifeboat Certificate  1949 version.
Apprentice's Indenture  the body of a 1947 copy.
Midshipman's Duties  letter from the company.
Middy's Report  on carrying pilgrims.
Master's Ticket 1909  My grandfather's certificate.
Master's Ticket 1928  Dad's certificate.
Master's Ticket 1956  Not much change from Dad's.
First Aid Certificate  A week's course
Radiotelephony Certificate  Newfangled equipment in the fifties.
Chinese New Year  Dinner menu in 1962.
Diary extract  - of an apprentice aboard the barque Clan Buchanan in 1907/08.
Crew Lists  and endorsements from the 1890s.
CR1  Alphabetic Index cards to the Central Register of Seamen 1913-1941.
CR2  Numeric Index cards to the Central Register of Seamen 1913-1941.
CR10  Alphabetic records of World War I Seamen's Identity Cards 1918-1921.
Assault on the high seas  - three cases from the 19th century with different results.
Wages and Effects  of a seaman left abroad with smallpox.
Sail v. Steam  - itineraries of coasters in 1891 and 1928.
1892 and 1913 Discharge Certificates  - from the pre-discharge book days.
Modern Discharge Certificate  - and the Ribblemere story behind it.
Pay off slip  - and how to keep your money.
Official Log Book entry:  fire on the Denbighshire in 1942.
Noon Chits  - and home made draught chits.
Crimping  - a newspaper report from 1891.

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