Fishing - but not for tiddlers. Graham Summerfield sent me this series of pictures of a multi-handed divertissement aboard the Elpenor whilst at anchor in the Surabaya roads. Bob Nightingale, who was an ordinary seaman on the ship, tells me that the shark was caught by Joe Chamberlain, a very respected AB. He had the heaving line over side for about 4 days. As he was pulling it up the meat hook started straightening out so he climbed down a rope ladder and put the lashing round the tail. Whilst bringing the shark up the pilot fish, or maybe one of the young, was attempting to jump out of water to follow it. The shark weighed 430lbs. I'll bet that the Chinese cook's mouth was watering at the sight of all those lovely fins!
Graham was the unwilling model in the 'Taking a bearing' photo. He also appears behind his sextant in the 'Noon ceremony' slide.



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