Jason - not sure where :-)

Our ships used to swing as soon as they cleared the bridge, and berth at Pier 8, Central Wharf.  I believe that it has since been converted into a tourist centre.

Immediately opposite the entrance to the wharf were the Lord Nelson steps which led up the steep hill to civilisation. We used to finish cargo at 5 and within seconds the steps disappeared from view under the hordes of wharfies heading up, either to the tram and home, or, perhaps more likely, to the Lord Nelson or Captain Cook pubs at the top for what was known as the five o'clock swill. (Or was it the six o'clock swill?) This was a daily ritual during the week in which the aim was to sink as many schooners (of beer) as possible before all the pubs closed for the day at six o'clock. (We sometimes tried it ourselves - purely in the interests of research, of course.)

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