Farewell to the China Boats


The Red Duster  The best Merchant Navy site on the web, in my opinion.

Merchant Navy Officers  Another excellent MN site. More war stories.

J.Gordon Mumford   First hand account of convoy ONS-154, and more.

Lairig Blue Funnel pages  Photographs from the late sixties and seventies.

Merchant Navy Nostalgia  High quality pictures of ships. A bit slow to load.

NSMO Reunion  Some excellent pictures of Dutch Blue Funnel ships.

Empress of Asia  A single ship site on this long-lived lady.

Ships Nostalgia  Lots of old salts forums and thousands of pictures.

Sealink-Holyhead  The definitive guide to the famous Irish Sea ferries.

Rhiw.com   Fascinating pages on the seamen of Llyn, plus an excellent Blue Funnel section.

Avid Publications  some excellent Blue Funnel and Merseyside CDs, books and videos.

Mike Stevenson's Art  My cousin's work.

In Memoriam

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