The Lizzie (Queen Elizabeth) at sea. We used to go out on her as passengers to join the Ulysses in New York on her round-the-world joint service with Swedish East Asiatic, which later became the Blue Sea Line. (See a typical itinerary below the picture.)

A typical voyage would see Ulysses commence loading in Texas (Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Houston, Baytown, and Beaumont), then up the coast to New Orleans LA, Newport News VA, Philadelphia PA, and finally New York.  From there she would head out across the Atlantic to the Mediteranean.  Discharging would start in Alexandria (Egypt) and continue in Port Said whilst awaiting the convoy through the Suez Canal.Then down the Red Sea to Jidda (Saudi Arabia) and on to Djibouti. Across the Indian Ocean to Penang and Port Swettenham (Malaysia) and Singapore. Then up to Bangkok (Thailand) and down again to Indonesia to call at Sungi Gerong and Pladju (Sumatra) and Djakarta, Tegal, Tjeribon and Surabaya (all Java). Up to Hong Kong for survey work and repairs, then down to the Phillipines to load at Cebu, Jiminez and Manila.  Back to Hong Kong to continue loading and thence to Kobe and Nagoya (Japan) to finish off.  Across the Pacific to San Pedro CA to start discharging, then down to the Panama Canal to discharge at Cristobal.  Another stop at Kingston (Jamaica) en route back to the States to discharge in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, Jacksonville and Houston.

Most people did two round trips, occupying ten months. My second son was born about a month after I joined the ship so he was almost grown up by the time I saw him.

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