A mystery craft in a mystery port. I had this slide listed as Winston Churchill but the schooner clearly isn't her so I don't know who she was. And I can't recognise the port either so I can't work it out from that. The slide was processed in February 1964, just after I'd returned from the usual voyage to Malaya, Hong Kong and Japan but even that knowledge doesn't seem to help. If anyone recognises the schooner or the port then I'd love to hear from them.

Richard Woodman suggests that the schooner is Bluenose II, a replica of a Grand Banks Bluenose schooner. Richard is the author of "Blue Funnel - Voyage East", an excellent description of a trip to the Far East in the sixties, as seen through the eyes of the Fourth Mate. The book is still available from Avid Publications. His five volume history of the British Merchant Navy has been published and is widely available.

Mystery craft

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