Farewell to the China Boats

Ships of the Sixties

Most of the photographs were taken between 1962 and 1964 of, on, in or from Blue Funnel Line ships. They were, to me, the early days of 35 mm slide photography.

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Autolycus leaving Port Swettenham,coastwise.
Glenlyon homeward bound off Portugal.
Pyrrhus swinging to a buoy in Port Swettenham.
Denbighshire outward bound in the Med.
Diomed in the Eastern Roads, Singapore.
Ulysses awaiting berth at Port Swettenham.
Tantalus - a Victory ship.
Menestheus in Hong Kong.
Priam leaving the berth in Birkenhead.
Protesilaus  - the name lives on.
Containers - the beginning of the end.
Hebe  a real Golden Oldie.
Panama Canal - ships passing.
Tanker in the Red Sea.
Matson Liner leaving San Pedro for Hawaii.
Lizzie carrying reliefs to the Ulysses in New York.
Hainan  of Swedish East Asiatic.
Migrant ship  in Aden.
English River  at Fort William, Lake Superior.
Laker  also at Fort William.
Staten Island ferry  New York.
Eastern Sail  off the Ceylon coast.
Deep sea junk  - on a placid China Sea.
Pop pop craft  chugging through the anchorage at Kobe, Japan.
Trimaran  in port in Borneo.
Trooper  - mini version.
Amethyst  on her lap of honour in Singapore harbour.
Boat people  from Vietnam in 1949.
National Glory  sinking in the China Sea in 1963.
Ulysses at sea  - outward bound.
Lifeboat drill  in the Sulu Sea, Phillipines.
Sampan  in Hong Kong harbour.
Noon Ceremony aboard the Ulysses.
Quartermaster at the wheel.
Test Match in mid-Pacific.
Job and Finish - painting the funnel.
Saturday Afternoon at sea in the pool.
Harry Tate. The Mate at work.
Shipper's Party in Kobe, Japan.
A lovely way to spend a morning.
Chippy  making schidt chutes.
Topping derricks  before arriving on the coast.
Officers' Bar in the Diomed.
Centaur Memorial at Burleigh Heads, south of Brisbane.
Mama-san in a Kobe bar.
Rifleye's shop in Port Said.
Ship's numbers  - her four letter identification code.
Pig Farm  on the after deck.
A Bird in Hand  in mid-Pacific
Silverpalm  Model in San Pedro, Cal.
Creekside Village  near Port Swettenham.
Up the Creek  and making smoke.
Cattle  from Djibouti to Suez.
Bunkering  in Aden.
Race for the coin  at Bohayan, North Borneo.
Loading logs  in North Borneo.
Suez Canal  - a tedious place to transit.
Abu Ail  in the Southern Red Sea
Departure  Cape Guardafui.
Sunrise  ...and sunset.
Under the bridge  in the Cape Cod canal.
Collision damage  at Singapore dockyard.
Ngoma  in Jeddah harbour.
A dive  in Bangkok
Aberdeen harbour  in Hong Kong.
Rotterdam  - always a busy port.
Mystery craft  in a mystery port!
* Lizzie again.  Passengers' farewell postcard.
* Lord Charlemont  of Belfast.

more to come.....

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