Pig farm on the after deck. These handsome beasts were travelling from Birkenhead to Japan. The Bosun and the Lamptrimmer are giving the pens their morning clean out, after erecting the fence to keep the sexes apart.

Even without animals there was always a 'Farmer' on duty. There were three seamen on each watch. 'First Wheel' steered the ship for two hours, then had an hour on stand-by, then spent the last hour on lookout on the forecastle head. 'Second Wheel' spent the first hour on lookout, then an hour on stand-by, after which, at night, he made a pot of tea for the mate on watch and took it up to the bridge with him when he went up to relieve the 'First Wheel' and do his two hour steering stint. The remaining seaman spent the first hour on stand-by, then two hours on lookout, then the final hour back on stand-by, during which he called the next watch and made tea for everyone. Thus, as he did not spend any time on the wheel, he was known as the 'Farmer'. On the next watch the Farmer became First Wheel, and so on.

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