My Dad was Skipper of a coaster. (I was going to write 'My Father was Master of a Home Trade vessel', but he would have roared with laughter at the pomposity of such a sentence.) In the 1930s we used to spend every summer holiday away at sea with him in the Ribblebank. In the early years the whole family went, but as the family increased in size that became logistically difficult so in the later years I used to go on my own.

Like many ladies of that era my Mum was a dab hand with a needle and she made the dungaree suits that we used to wear whilst on board. However, when we went ashore it was always in best bib and tucker.

When there was a bit of a lop on the water Dad used to block the scupper at the after end of the well deck so that as the sea lopped in through the freeing ports it used to form a neat little paddling pool in the corner. Regrettably, I have been unable to find any pictures of the fun we used to have in our own constantly refreshed facility.

Pram on hatch           Children on Hatch

Ready for shore          Gangway

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