Farewell to the China Boats

The Uboat

Rhexenor had been sunk by U 217, commanded by Kptlt. Kurt Reichenbach-Klinke. She had been commissioned in January 1941 and in her career of almost two and a half years she sank three ships, totalling 10,651 tons.

The Fourth Mate, Graham Allen, was landed in Brest as a prisoner of war on February 23rd. He 'celebrated' his 21st birthday and survived a depth charge attack during the passage on the uboat.

On 5th June 1943, in 30-18 N 42-50 W, U217 was sunk by depth charges dropped from Avenger aircraft of the US escort carrier USS "Bogue". All 50 hands were lost.

The last throes of Rhexenor. Note Number 6 boat still aboard.


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The Fourth Mate going ashore to captivity.

4th Mate goes ashore

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