The 'Account of Wages and Effects of a Seaman left behind at the Port 0f ...'  Marseilles on 7th February 1894. He was suffering from smallpox. The list of effects is interesting - to me, at least - as showing what a late nineteenth century sailor carried, viz:

3 singlets, 2 Flannel shirts, 2 pairs Drawers, 4 pairs Socks, 1 Cap, 2 Cloth Jackets, 2 Waistcoats, 2 pairs cloth pants, 4 pairs Dungaree pants, 1 Scarf, 1 Pillow Case, 1 Towel, 2 pair boots, 1 Suit Oilskins, 2 Palms.

The ship was a steamship so it's likely that the palms were carried over from his sailing ship days.

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