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Team1 ly from Manchester and Heathrow Team1 arrive in Beijing, Beijing sightseeing Team1 fly to Guilin and meet Arthur Clarke, tackle store, Team1 to Xiushan by train then Yanhe by car Team1 arrive in Yanhe, Yanhe tourism oficials at dinner Move hotels, boat trip recce to Pearl Cave(1), village lunch Recces to ShanYangDong(1), Longtan(1), Yangingkou(1),  YanWoDong(1), JiashiShaft(1),  MaoMaoDong , JiashiSink NanZhuangDong(1), XianNuDong, Dabao LaoyingQin, BuildingSiteShaft,PineTreeCave, GrikeCave,TujiaDong(1) Recees to LiangFengDong3(1), YuHeDong(1), and TianMaDong(1) Recce to XiaoShuiKeng(1) and LiangFengQin(1) PearlCave(2), GanDong(1), AiDong, JinshuiCave ThroughCave(1), YuHeDong(2) Tujia, ChuangDong, LiangFengDong(bamboo) PearlCave(3), ShanYangDong(2), ZengJiaTuo, LiangFengDong3(2) XiaoShuiKeng(2),LiangFengQin(2), TianMaDong(2), CiYunDong ThroughCave(2) ThroughCave(3) XiaDong(1), Yanerchang(1) Yanerchang(2) Yangingkou(2), Longtan(2) Longtan(3) GanDong(2) JiashiShaft(2) GanDong(3),XiaDong(2) NanZhangDong(2), GanDongResurgence