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Fly to Paris from Manchester & Heathrow Arrive Gangzhou Airport, Fly on to Guilin Li River boat trip, Tackle store, Supplies Guilin to Fengshan by road Qiaoyin River recce (1) Qiaoyin River recce (2) Fengshan to Jiangzhou by road Hijacked in Hijack Passage (1), DWII Pitch (1) Dalue streamway (1), Dalue to Man Fei recce, DWII Pitch (1) Dalue streamway (2), Man Fei to Dalue Dalue streamway (3), Dalue connection passage, Road to Nowhere Entrance recce Si Fang, Da Dong and Shen Dong, Longhuai Entrance (1) northbound Hijack Passage (3),  Longhuai Entrance (2)- Terragoata & Allotment Dolines Snake Choke Entrance, Shaftlands, Hijack Passage (4) Hjack Passage (5), Longshi Shaft (1)  recce TeamA meet Team B in Fengshan Basketball in Fengshan , San Men Hai showcave Dalue (4), Da Shan Dong (1),  Man Fei sinks, Longshi Shaft(2), Foggin Passage (1) Dong Li Dong & Mayo Ni Dong, Gloopsville & Backtrack Passage, Foggin Passage (2), Wei Xing Village Green River Sink (1), Hei Dong (1), Si Fang (1) DWII Pitch, Man Fei photography, Longhuai Entrance (3) Green River Sink (2), Longhuai(4)-The Piste, Bama recce Skull & Cross Bones pitch, Beginners Passage, Hijack Passage (6) Fishing Pool Pitch, Hijack Passage (7) Ma Wang Dong, Hei Dong (2) Maguai Dong, Man Fei Sink, Pingle village Return to Fengshan, Press conference Fengshan to Guilin by road via  Hechi City Guilin to Ganzhou airport to Paris Paris to Heathrow & Manchester