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Feng Shan County was visited in March 2004 as part of the Tian'e Expedition and appeared to be rich in cave entrances that could be frequently seen from the road on our travels. Further investigation revealed a number of extensive fossil cave passages which mendered ceaselessly for many kilometers without diminishing in size. Evidence of active streamway networks beneath these colossal abandoned passages were suggested by geological maps of the area. Indeed our explorations brought us tantalisingly close to these undergroung rivers which could be heard booming up shafts from below.

This is the fourth trip to the NW of Guangxi since 2000 for some members of the team. The 2000 expedition was mounted by the Yorkshire Ramblers Club to Lingyun and contributed to the ongoing momentum of the British China Caves Project (founded by Andy Eavis). Since then there have been further trips in 2002 to Leye, and February 2004 to Tian'e & Feng Shan, involving members from France, Switzerland, Tasmania and UK clubs.