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The complex

The natural limestone arch leads to Jiang Zhou............Our accomodation in a local government compound

This is where we live in realtively luxurious accomodation to the majority of the town's occupants, though some aspects of our rooms are somewhat different to our last resting place in Fengshan. We gather for breakfast each morning, and for dinner in the evening which is more than adequate for our needs. We are sent on our way each day with a "packup"and bottled water to keep us fueled up. The transport provided will take us to wherever we wish to go and are very reliable at picking us up at the roadside at the end of the day. The toilet doubles up as wash room and anything else where water is needed and has a superb view of life in the main street.

Loo with a view

Everyone throughtout the town is friendly and make us feel very welcome here. It is impossible to go out of the main gate and walk up the street without gathering a dozen children by your side practising the little English words that they have learnt at school. Their main delight is to see the instant results of the digital camera. They scream and shout with glee everytime they see a new shot of themselves.

The main street from our roof

The nearby school

A friendly shop keeper invites us in to his shop