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Tian'e from the Forest Park

Tian'e was the starting point of the February expedition. The town is located in the Longtan Gorge with development mainly on the western banks of the Hongshui River. Upstream a huge dam project was under construction which was set to raise the river level by a gigantic 200m. Nearby were gravel extraction operations, with stonewashing and water pumping facilities. Elevated conveyor belts transferred materials to site, where the biggest concrete mixer inthe world was said to reside.

An impressive concrete arched bridge straddled the river in the heart of town linking the roads that followed the Hongshui northward on each side. To the south, was the town's development zone heading in the direction of Brikkiln Cave.

The area was not abundant with obvious cave entrances and in February our team descended relatively minor shafts nearby. Perhaps the most interesting cave was located at Wei Dong. This was a dry stream bed series of pitches following a water worn rift which broke out into a large rift chamber and terminated in a sump filled with friendly catfish.


View from our hotel roof