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We departed Guilin bound for Bama in a bus sent down by Wei Rui Fen. The journey takes 8 hours and Mr. Chin and his driver must have been exhausted even though we returned the day after they arrived. On arrival at Bama we were also able to meet Mr. Shui, the Leader of Bama County.

Panoramic view of Bama from Hen Hill

Steps wind their way up to Hen Hill's 'pagodas'

Bama County lies to the east of Fengshan and was explored extensively in 1989 by the British based China Caves Project. The caves explored at this time feed into the Pan Yung River at Beimo where a show cave is located. The passages of these caves are generally staggering in height and pop in an out of the hillsides at various stages along the projected drainage lines.

The county also is home to several Tiankeng features. These are large deep doline depressions with vertical sides that often give access to the cave systems below responsible for their formation. The team hope to visit this area and explore the tiankengs at Hailong and Jiaole.

Haolong Tiankeng - photo Julia Tian

Jiaole Tiankeng - photo Julia Tian (Red Team)

It is worth noting that the Jiang Zhou System also emerges into Bama County at Dalue. On the Oct/November Expedition the system was explored from this entrance and an initial recce of the area came across further significant entrances in its vicinity. The prospect of unravelling the mystery of ancient underground water courses that are no longer connected remains an attractive option for exploration.