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Team1 fly out Arrive at Guilin Institute of Karst Geology Prepare caving gear Guilin-Hechi-Bama travel Crystal Palace Cave, Long Hong River Sink Da Shan Dong, Tiger Cave(1) Tiger Cave(2), Bai Gan Fossil Cave, Jiaole Tiankeng Team2 arrive in Guilin, Bai Gan Resurgence, Long Wali Shaft, Haolong Tiankeng Team1 move from Bama to Fengshan, GC to CCTV in Nanning Team1 move to Jiang Zhou village, GC returns from Nanning Frog Ceremony, Cave Pearl Chamber, Colossus, Man Fei-Long Huai undergroud recce Hangover Passage, Snake Charmer Swallet, LMC Entrance, Termite Mound Round, Wedding Anniversary Passage(1), Zhong Ting Shaft Da Dong(1), Wedding Anniversary Passage(2), Rampety Blank, Rattlestone Passage, Hijack Passage (Claytondale, Milky Wei Passage), TH to hospital Photography trip to Man Fei Entrance, Wei Xing, Wedding Anniversary Passage(3), Slimewall Pitch, Tigger Thru Dong, Hijack Passage team return & rest Hijack Passage (Frozen Waterfall Series, Imogen Gallery, Aaron's Amble, Leeway Passage, Bruce's Tube), Yu Long Dong(1), TH to Jiang Zhou Clinic Yu Long Dong(2), Beginners Passage, Long Luo Tiankeng, Maguai Dong(1), TJ arrives in village from UK Yu Long Dong(3), Recce above Herb Garden, TH to Fengshan hospital BJB,AF fly Beijing-Frankfurt-Heathrow BJB,AF fly Guilin-Beijing Shopping Guilin, AC catalogues cave fauna Sorting caving gear, AC catalogues cave fauna CCTV press conference in Nanning, BJB,AC,AF Travel to Guilin BJB,AC,AF travel to Nanning Da Dong(2), Shen Dong, GC,AR,AC move to Fengshan, Lao Li Dong Fengshan Sightseeing Festival, San Men Hai Show Cave conference, Two Towers Passage, Long Shi Shaft Maguai Dong(3), Departing team travel to Guilin Returning team fly to Beijing, MK tours China, Da Dong(3), Remaining team move to Fengshan Return team fly Beijing-Frankfurt-Manchester, Heng Li Dong Fengshan cement works, war memorial, Factory Cave