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Fengshan is a growing county town nested in the valley below beautiful limestone karst scenery. In places, the town’s buildings push hard up against the steep surroundings and impressive views across town can be seen from Window Cave or the hairpin road bends to the south that climb up into the hills.

Fengshan town from Window Cave - photo Nini

Fengshan streets - photo Dave Appleing

Significant efforts are being made by the town’s tourist board to improve the appearance of the urban sector. The banks of the small river that cut through one side of town have been transformed over a 2km section into a stone flagged scenic promenade on both sides. This clever idea has made an excellent waterside feature along which visitors and residents alike can stroll. Beautifully crafted pillars and stone panels line the banks and stretch far into the distance beneath a string of lamps.

Riverside improvements - photos Bruce Bensley

On the outskirts of the town is Chuan Long Yan Dong. This 300m through cave takes the town’s river and is uniquely used as a factory unit. The echoes of saw mills, cement mixers and other machinery throng the air, but in contrast, the far entrance in breaks out into a tranquil enclosed valley. A later visit to the ‘Factory Cave’ indicated that the site may be soon cleared and it is speculated that it will form part of a circuit walk that takes in a small river cave and raft trip on the far side of the valley and a tunnel back through the hillside.

Fengshan viewed from its war memorial

The glorious limestone scenery and features provide the main focus for the region and it is not surprising that other cave tourist attractions exist nearby. Just out of town is the Yuan Yang Show Cave which is currently reached from the road via a steep downhill path. The gallery within is large and well decorated with formations and this is enhanced by effective lighting.

In the south of the county can de found San Men Hai Show Cave, part of the Ma Wang Dong system which was mapped in 1989 and is a popular tourist venue for Chinese visitors from the major towns and cities such as Hechi. Not far away and part of the same hydrology exists the colossal Jiang Zhou Cave System mapped by the expeditions of 2004. This boasts a whose total passage length of 29km which currently places it in 3rd place in China’s longest caves listing. It is not developed as a tourist attraction yet but it is possible to explore the system through an adventure holiday company.