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The expedition will be returning to Fengshan County (Guangxi), where we will be based in Jiang Zhou village for a while. A few miles outside the village is the Man Fei entrance to the Jiang Zhou Cave System. This huge network of passages has several entrances and also an active series that runs about 100m below the fossil series. The total passage surveyed in this system stands at 29.2km, and we aim to find several more kilometres to make this cave the second longest in China.

Our investigations in this area have also spilled into neighbouring Bama County and we have earmarked several locations for investigation at the invitation of the local government there.

The Guilin Karst Institute with whom we are working, is involved in many other ventures within Guangxi where it carries out work on behalf of various local governments. Growing interest in Geo-park status is spreading across many limestone areas of the country and this generates requests for investigation into the natural assets of given areas.

As cavers, we are able to assist in exploration, mapping, photography and study of underground systems in support of such applications as the UNESCO Geo-parks. It is hoped that this expedition will also get an opportunity to make exploration in Huanjiang County too.