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Team A fly to Hong Kong from UK and Hobart Team A retrieve shipped gear crate from HK customs Team A return to Guilin Tackle store, Team  travel to Leye via Baise Expedition meeting in Leye Dashiwei team 1 in, Ma Feng Dong, Baizhong resurgence, Fong Yen rigging Dashiwei survey, Bai Dong & Smoking Hole recce, Fong Yen , Loumei Dong 1&2 biology Dashiwei 1 team return, Baizhong recce, Nuping Dong 2&3 biology Dashiwei team 2 in,  Dashiwei & Hau Ping recce (Fossil Bone Cave, Huang Jing Tiankeng,), Nuping Dong 1  biology Hua Ping recce (La Bia Dong, Miao Dong, Ta  Ping Dong), Baizhong (Da Zhong Dong, Xia Shui Dong, Si Kow Dong), Loumei Dong 1 biology, Dashiwei, Su Jia Cao Dong & Goat Doline recce, Team C arrive  in Guilin Lao Shah (Ber La Dong, Lao Shah Dong), Baizhong (Ai Dong), Dashiwei team 2 return, Yang Jia Dong & Chuan Dong, recce, Luomei Dong biology, Team C travel to Leye via  Baise Luomei Dong 1 biology, Miao Dong, Hau Ping(Tiankeng Dong), Baizhong (Ai Dong), Nuiping Dong 2 biology Dashiwei team 3 in,  English lessons, GC AC AE to Baizhong (Power station, Guizhou boat trip, Si Kow Dong, Ai Dong, Resurgence), La Bia Dong, Miao Dong Dashiwei (Turbine Room, Cobble Hall), La Bia  Dong,  Upper Nuping Dong, Goose Farm Cave, Baizhong (Dalong Tiankeng, Sheng Tao, Upper Si Kow, Chang Dong) Dashiwei (Turbine Room, photography), Baizhong (Upper Si Kow,  Ai Dong) Dashiwei team 3 return,  Luo Shah (Luoshah Dong, San Dong 1&2), Leye(La Lai Dong, Feng Dong, Da Ping Dong, Xin Dong, Dry Bat Cave), La Bia Dong, Yun Lai ( Da Jiang Dong, Long Ma Dong, Ga Fin Dong, Ku Dong, San Cha Dong 1&2, Yang Chang Dong, Dalong Tiankeng, Hongshui River San Dong 1&2, Water Supply Dong, Pin Zar Hou Dong, Da Shan entrances, Fong Yen, La Bia Dong, Yuan Lai (San Cha Wan Dong 3&4, Long Mu Wan Dong, Cao Ku Dong), Bai Yen Ta  Cave, Baizhong (Resurgence biology, Ai Dong, Liana Dong) Yuan Lai (Da Jiang Dong), Feng Dong, Ai Dong biology, Upper Si Kow Tu Shang long Dong, Long Mu Wan Dong, San Cha Wan Dong, Feng Dong, Upper Si Kow La Lai ( Pai Hong Dong, Long An Da Dong, Long La Dong 1), Baizhong (Yang Chang Dong 1&2, Yang Chang 3, Dead Cow Cave, Ai Dong), Dashiwei photography Long An Da Dong, Baizhong (Yan Chang Dong 1&2,  Shao Whui Dong, Hidden Doline, Lower Si Kow), Dashiwei La Lai (Long An Da Dong, Pai Hong Dong), Liang Feng Dong, Dasiwei team 4 in, Baizhong (Si Kow Dong, Ai Dong photography & biology) Xin Dong, La Lai (Long An Da Dong, Pai Hong Dong), Yuan Lai (Ta Ping Dong), Baizhong (Upper Si Kow, Da Zhong Dong biology), Mushroom Cave Yan Wu Dong, Pin Zar (Fire Cave, Hou Dong), Yuan Lai (Cao Ku Dong), Baizhong (Ai Dong) Yan Wu Dong, Da Ping Dong, Lao Shah caves, Yuan Lai ( Yang Chang Dong,  Maw Zong Dong, Gam Nang Dong), (Da Jiang Dong, Long Mu Wan Dong, San Cha Wan Dong,), Baizhong (Liana Dong, Upper Si Kow) Team to Madrong (Fu Gui Sink), Baizhong (recce, Wuan Jeo Ten), Dead Cow Cave, Da Ping recce Madrong (Lao Ying Dong, Fu Gui Meow Dong, Ji Guan San Dong, Lu Kan Dong 1&2), Dashiwei (Pen g Jia Wan Yong Dong, Pleasant Cave, Shu Jia Cao Dong, roadside recce), Da  Ping (Da Feng Dong 1&2), Baizhong (crystal ball factory) Madrong (Long Tang Dong, Jin Yin Dong, Huang Jing Tiankeng, Bai Yang Dong), Homei (Tiger Cave, Jia Mong Tiankeng, Homei Village Calcite Cave) Return from Madrong, Bai Yang Dong, Dashiwei Tiankeng, Lingyun (Yan Liu Dong biology) Dacao photography, Homei (Tiger Cave, Jia Mong Tiankeng), Team A  bus to Guilin, English teaching, Mushroom Cave) Team B to Guilin, Jin Yin Dong photography, Guilin Seven Stars Cave,  Tiger Cave Team C to Nanning, AC to Kunming via Baise, Li River boat trip,Balio River raft trip Team C (Nanning to Guilin, Hong Kong flight), Team A (Seven Stars Cave, shopping  in Guilin), Bai Dong photography, AC visits Kunming institutes Xiayan Dong, AC visits Stone Forest Guilin tackle store & drive to Baise, AC visits Lu Nan & Da  Dieshui waterfall Baise Quarry Cave, Baise tour, AC visits Neigao Stone Forest & Baiyun Cave Travel Baise to Guilin, AC visits Kunming Institute & zoo Guilin tackle store, AC to Guiyang (Guizhou Normal University) Guilin shopping, AC flys to Guilin, Team fly to Heathrow via Hong Kong Team back in UK