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All these trips have only been
possible through the ongoing partnership between the

China Caves Project
(founded by Andy Eavis and Tony Waltham)

and the
Guilin Institute of Karst Geology

that has been forged by nearly 30 years of exploration.

Welcome support has also been previously given by the Ghar Parau Foundation and the Mount Everest Foundation for some of the above expeditions.

We are grateful to the Ghar Parau Foundation for their promised assistance towards the current Guangxi2010 Expedition.


China arguably has the most spectacular karst scenery in the world and beneath this lies a plethora of unexplored cave passage, mammoth chambers and large underground rivers. Not surprisingly, this natural wealth continues to attract growing numbers of explorers from around the world.

Expedition dates: 23 September to 15 October 2010
Follow our progress and see our photos on the Diary page

This will be the ninth time that members of the Yorkshire Ramblers Club
have ventured to China in recent years to make make joint exploration with Chinese cavers. Although the 2000 expedition was exclusively a YRC trip to mark the millennium, subsequent trips have been supported by members of the following UK clubs: Wolverhampton Caving Group, Gloucester Speleological Society, Scarborough Caving Club, Craven Pothole Club and on our latest trip, the Earby Caving Club. The ranks have been further swelled by cavers from France, Switzerland, Tazmania and most recently Hungary.



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The Guangxi 2010 Expedition will be returning to Leye County, Guangxi Province 10 years on from their first visit of 2000. We hope to celebrate the China Caves Project's involvement in cave exploration in this area alongside our Chinese friends the Flycat Explorers. From here we will return to nearby Fengshan County to renew our special friendship with the town and its local people. Several known leads from earlier expeditions will be explored and could hold the key to connecting the Ma Wang Dong and 37Km Jiang Zhou cave systems by means of the underground river system that is known to exist hidden beneath the impressive karst landscape of this beautiful region.