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Team1 fly out to Beijing via Dubai from  Manchester & Heathrow Team1 meet up in Dubai and fly on to Beijing Great Wall of China, Ming Tombs Flight to Guilin, Tackle store Guilin city centre, Overnight train to Wuhan Arrive Wuhan, Yellow Crane Tower, Geological Museum Recce to Chang Le village, Shi Aokan Dong, Xiangshui Tiankeng (1),Tuanbao village,  Chang Chao  Cave (2) Recce of Teng Long Dong -  connection passage to river Recce of Luo Shui Dong(1), Que Long  Dong, Chang Chao Village (1),  Hei Dong Zhong Lu recce, Lotus Showcave, Chaoyang Dong  Showcave, Luo Shui Dong Recce of Teng Long Dong entrances (Long Gu Dong(1),  Xiang Shui Dong, Yen He Dong) Flight to Enshi, Bus to Lichuan, Teg Long Dong Showcave Yen He Dong dry river bed (P20, Sink34), Xiao Dong, Long Gu Dong (4), Long Gu Dong(3) - river & connection passages, Skylight Cave(2), Pa Pa Dong(2), Wu Ya Cave Skylight Cave (1), Pa Pa Dong (1), San Jiao Qun, Bai Dong Resurgence, Long Gu Dong(2)-pitch & river traverse Team2 fly from Wuhan to Enshi, Teng Long Dong Showcave Xiangshui Dong Tiankeng (2), Team2 fly from Dubai to Beijing to Wuhan Chang Chao Cave (3), Teng Long Dong fossil cave recce, Team 2 fly out Gan Dong(1), Oxbow Cave, Sink34,Hei Dong & Da Ken  Dong (biology) Publicity at Teng Long Dong river entrance(Rafting & Rock Climbing), Gan Dong(2), Luo Shui Dong (2) GC,TP,HL fly homeward from Enshi, Xiang Shui Dong Tiakeng (3), Fairy Passage (TLD),Gan Dong (3) Small team leave Jianshi County, P20, Xiao Xi He  resurgence, Double Cave Jianshi(Xie Pan Dong),Long Gu Dong(5), Skylight Cave(3) Long Gu Dong(6)-river canyon, Gan Dong(3),Jianshi(Hong Yan Dong) Skylight Cave(4),Jianshi(Xian Yen  Dong) Lichuan press conference, caving in Tuanbao area,Jianshi (Shi Gu Men Dong) All depart Lichuan (flight from Enshi to Wuhan), BJB,EE,TH,ZH  minibus to Jiangxi County (Wannian) Data exchange, Shopping, Flight Wuhan to Beijing Shennong Gong survey Doline entrance exploration Doline entrance pushing trip Shennong Gong pushing trip, Pian Fu Dong Shennong Gong resurgence pushing trip & survey, Press conference Minibus from Wannian to Wuhan Data exhange, shopping, Flight from Wuhan to Beijing Arrive Dubai, Depart Manchester & Heathrow