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The Lichuan Expedition 2006 includes 18 members from the UK, Australia, Hungary, Ireland and China.
We will be based in Lichuan, Lichuan County, Hubei. An advance team will be transferring gear from Guilin by road and it will be joined by
the rest of the team who will arrive on internal flights to Enshi via Wuhan. A short road section completes the journey to Lichuan.

A small team will also get the chance to visit the nearby county town of Jianshi which lies 80km north east of the town of Lichuan.

On the last week of the trip, the remaining team will travel to Wannian, near Nanchang in Jiangxi Province to recce the area and explore the Shennong Gong cave system in the village of Pan Ling.

Wuhan to Enshi = 288 miles and Enshi to Lichuan = 33 miles as the crow flies.

These links connect to a weather site that also gives coordinates (Wuhan) (Jianshi) (Wannian Nr. Nanchang)

Copy and paste the numbers in bold into Google earth search bar to view satellite images.(May take a little time on dial up connection)
Lichuan: 30.30N,108.93E
Enshi: 30.27N,109.47E
Wuhan: 30.58N,114.27E
Jianshi: 30.62N,109.63E
Wannian: 28.70N,117.05E

Beijing / Lichuan