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Lichuan is located towards the western extreme of Hubei province and has a population of 114,000. The buildings are largely low rise but the hotels and TV station are a little higher. The most noticeable factory we passed by in town was a cigarette factory which looked like a key concern based on its tidy appearance (lawns, gates and signboard)

Lichuan Cigarette Factory

The kiosks at the coach park resemble large water-worn boulders

A pedestrian footbridge crosses the Qing Jiang river and the path on the other bank leads directly to the Teng Long Dong fossil entrance (pictured below)

Teng Long Dong's restaurant and car park

Teng Long Dong's river entrance (left) and the gigantic fossil entrance (right) located alongside but on a higher level

A short walk leads to the electric buses that carry visitors almost 2km into the cave along lofty passages

Duanrong He returns from a recce of a side passage as the laser show is in progress ahead

In addition to the laser show held at a nearby, a spectacular lengthy performance is given deep within the cave at 3.30pm every day that incorporates tales of local folklore.

See 'Diary' entries for 13th Oct & 21 Oct for more on Teng Long Dong's tourist attractions