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Wei Dong (1), Number 8 Cave (1) Brickkiln Cave Forest Park (2) - Pylon Caves, Monkey Cage Shaft Forest Park (1), Longtan Hyro project, Chang Dong, DNA Helix Cave Guilin to Tian'e by road (via Hechi) Tackle store, Guilin city centre tourist trip Flight - Hong Kong to Guilin Team fly out to Hong Kong from Heathrow & Manchester Arrive Heathrow and Manchester Flight from Guilin to Hong Kong Li River scenic boat trip (Guilin) Team travel from Fengshan to  Guilin Jiang Zhou entrance (5) - DWII Pitch, San Men Hai (2) Jiang Zhou entrance (4) - DWII Pitch San Men Hai tourist trip Jiang Zhou - Man Fei entrance (3) - Leviathan,  Colossus  passages Jiang Zhou - Man Fei entrance (2) - Herb Garden Jiang Jia Tao (1), Jiangzhou - Man Fei entrance (1) Yu Long Dong, Renan Village Hei Dong & Biao Dong (2) Factory Cave, Raft Cave Liang Dong , Hei Dong  & Biao Dong (1) Team move from Tian'e to Fengshan Number 8 Cave (4), Longtan Dam Cemetery Cave (2), Lao Pung Tiankeng (2) Cemetery Cave (1) Dung Lee Village - Rat Shit Cave, Gan Hou Dong,  Xiao Shin Dong, Tu Dong Wei Dong (2), Number 8 Cave (2), Bala market Lao Pung Tiankeng (1), Number 8 Cave (3)