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Lost In Space

This is one of the first comercially released records Chris was on. 12" vinyl.
Chris Was Lead guitarist for Living Wreck during the early 90's. Space rock at it's best!

Machine 9

An album recorded between 1989 and 1995 in Rob Goss's studio in Longwick England.
I spent 3 days a week for about ten years working in Robs Studio.
This is a great album , very 1980's but the better part!


Sozo Released in 2003 and re-released by tree 2008.
The best of material recorded with the Whitbread Bothers.

Back to Jerusalem
The Guitar
The first of Chris's solo releases.
Released back in 1999.Now Rare and collectable. Mixture of Instrumental Rock, classical and vocal.

House Of Dreams
The Guitar
Instrumental, transcendental. Concept album inspired by love, passion, fantasy and deceit.Album Information and links

Under The Northern Lights
The Lights
Relaesed by Tree in July 2008, A mixture of Instrumental light rock, transendental deep emotion packed guitar based theme album with 5 vocal tracks and a few twists and turns.

So Far
The Guitar
Compilation of Chris's early instrumental rock tracks.
The best of. This one is for serious guitar fans.
Features some beautiful emotion filled epics to mental fretboard acrobatics.

The Guitar
Unusual versions of some of the most popular classics such as Air On A G String.
Rock guitar and orchestra.

Out Of The Silence
Brilliante instrumental rock concept album, " This one's my favourite" says Chris!

This album was released in April 2010, It features collaberations with Swedens Sam H and America's Jim Carter and Randy Joe Galloway.
Album Information and links

This was a charity release to raise funds for the Australian bush fires, Has three versions, Bob Keeton from New Zealand singing the first, Jenni Leigh Smith the second and Chris's instrumental version!!!

This album is out on the 2nd March 2012, It features collaberations with Swedens Michael Ohlsson, Spains's Javier Ballester and New Zealands Bob keeton. Album Information and links

This album is out on the 30th January 2015, It features collaberations with Geoff Whitbread, Alan petrie and Nick Drake.
Guitar driven classic rock mayhem.
Album Information and links

This album is a great starting palce to discover the diverse music of Chris Adams, It features collaberations with John Whitbread, Alan petrie, Randy Joe Galloway and Sam H.
Old and new mixed compilation .
Album Information and links

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