Christopher Priest

The Affirmation

The Affirmation


Gollancz, 2006. ISBN 0 575 07577 5 [paperback 7.99; pp.247] First published in hardcover by Faber (1981). Also available in translation.

What they say

"... a brilliant and sustained novel of imaginative power. I have no hesitation whatsoever in commending it to you as one of the best sf novels I have read and, indeed, as one of the best novels of the year." - Joseph Nicholas, Vector.

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One of Chris Priest's most startling novels, in which the convoluted story at times seems to threaten the reader's own hold on reality. Peter Sinclair, a young man enduring what he sees as a personal crisis, tries to make sense of his life by writing it down as a fictional story. In the story he depicts himself as the winner of a lottery, where the jackpot prize is a complex medical and neural operation that will ensure life ever after. As he writes, working ever deeper into his psyche, Sinclair finds that his two identities are starting to merge.