Christopher Priest

List of books, past and present

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The Affirmation 1981 Novel - Touchstone, pb reviews
The Book on the Edge of Forever 1994 Non-Fiction - Fantagraphics, pb reviews
The Dream Archipelago 1999 Stories - Earthlight, hb & pb reviews
A Dream of Wessex 1977 Novel - Earthlight, pb reviews
The Extremes 1998 Novel - Scribner, hb & pb reviews
Fugue For a Darkening Island 1972 Novel - Earthlight, pb reviews
The Glamour 1984 Novel - Touchstone, pb reviews
Indoctrinaire 1970 Novel - Faber, hb, Pan, pb reviews
An Infinite Summer 1979 Stories - Faber, hb, Pan, pb reviews
Inverted World 1974 Novel - Earthlight, pb reviews
The Prestige 1995 Novel - Gollancz, pb reviews Q&A
The Quiet Woman 1990 Novel - Cosmos, pb reviews
Real-Time World 1974 Stories - NEL, hb & pb reviews
The Separation 2002 Novel - Gollancz, hb & pb reviews
The Space Machine 1976 Novel - Earthlight, pb reviews