Christopher Priest

The Extremes (Gollancz)

The Extremes


Published in 2005 by Gollancz, ISBN 0-575-07578-3 [paperback 7.99; pp.314]. Also available in translation.

What they say

"... quietly overturns everything we might rely on when we look for the surety of our own identity, the solidity of our world. Priest has once again placed his work at the centre of what the genre is doing today" -- Paul Kincaid, New York Review of Science Fiction.

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Teresa Simons is drawn to a quiet English seaside town in the aftermath of a motiveless massacre by a gunman. Her husband, an FBI agent, had died in a similar outburst of violence in a small Texas town, on the same day. Similarities between the two incidents of spree violence, apparently taking place at random, are shocking and inexplicable. Teresa finds she can come to terms with the senseless nature of the murders only by immersing herself in the world of virtual reality. [Includes: Postscript by John Clute, paperback edition only.]