Christopher Priest

An Infinite Summer


Faber, 1979. ISBN 0 571 11343 5 [hardback 5.25; pp.208]. Currently out of print. The first edition is shown here. The British paperback reprint was from Pan (1980). Translations exist, in some cases with crossover to The Dream Archipelago stories.

What they say

"All these stories are full of atmosphere, elegant in form and brimming with memorable images and striking ideas. If you can read only one collection of an SF author's stories this year, this should be it." - Publishers Weekly.


Contains Palely Loitering and The Watched, both Hugo Award nominees.
Three of the stories in this collection are in the Dream Archipelago sequence, and were later re-collected, in slightly revised versions, in the book of that name. Confusingly, at least two translated versions of this book were given the Dream Archipelago title. An Infinite Summer consists of five long stories about desire and love, dreams of the past, distant islands, lost happiness, and growing up. [Includes: Introduction by CP. Stories: An Infinite Summer, Whores, Palely Loitering, The Negation, The Watched.]