Christopher Priest

Inverted World


Earthlight, 1999. ISBN 0 671 03390 5 [paperback 6.99; pp.251]. First published in hardcover by Faber. This edition is a joint publication with Fugue For a Darkening Island (as 'Omnibus 2'). Also available in translation.

What they say

"A well-structured, finely written, mature narrative that is very compelling and thoroughly entertaining. The characters are individual and credible; Helward Mann is an understandable non-hero, and his two women are admirably realized. The minor characters range from good to excellent. The backgrounds are expertly detailed, cinematically vivid. There is really nothing more I dare say about the novel. It is a 'must'." - Luna Monthly.

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Inverted World is the closest Chris Priest has ever come to writing a traditional science fiction novel, but although it is an early work (first published in 1974) it already contains elements of his later preoccupations with the nature and reliability of reality. Priest's most translated work, it has been continuously in print for three decades. A brief outline of the story gives away few of the surprises that are to come: A mobile city, travelling on tracks laid before it and torn up behind it, is battling its way slowly across a hideously deformed landscape. The land spreads out impossibly in all directions, and time itself heads for surcease. One young man is destined to find out the truth about this inverted world. [Includes: Drawings by Andrew Stephenson, paperback editions.]