Christopher Priest

The Prestige

(Film in progress: Newmarket Films, directed by Christopher Nolan)

The film version of Christopher Priest's 1995 novel, The Prestige, was shot between January and April 2006. Because of the intense interest in director Christopher Nolan's unusual films, many rumours about this production circulated on the internet, but remarkably few facts. The production appears to have been shrouded in secrecy, an interesting echo of the main theme of the novel. These pages report only what is known for sure by CP at any time, and will be updated periodically. Some of the links here (such as the reviews) are to external websites -- others are to pages within this site.
The Book (Read here about the novel on which the film is based. You will find reviews of the book, and copies of it may be ordered from this site.) The Director - (Christopher Nolan)

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The Screenwriter (Jonathan Nolan) The Actors Interview with Chris Priest
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