Christopher Priest

The Prestige

(from Newmarket Films, directed by Christopher Nolan)

The film went into pre-production in October 2005. Shooting began in the fourth week of January 2006 and continued until April. Most of the film appears to have been shot on location. Post-production began immediately after. The film's trailer was released in theaters in the USA on July 14. (From mid October in UK cinemas.) The trailer is excellent, bears a few remarkable similarities to the novel, and rather more differences, and may be viewed online at:

The official website is now up. It has details of cast, crew, story, production, and much else. The notable omission is that beyond the contractual note in tiny, illegible print at the bottom of the screen there is no mention of CP or the novel of The Prestige. The website doesn't "do" much: there is a brainless game involving a hidden clip, but not much else. Try it at:

The studio would not cooperate with the US publishers to supply "key art" for their tie-in edition of the novel. In a conversation with Tor editor Jim Frenkel, some genius at the studio wanted to know why the book had to be published before the film came out. They were worried that the book would give away the end of the story. Result: no authorized tie-in edition. (Bibliographical note: the book has been continuously in print since 1995 and is currently translated into eighteen languages. The ending in the film is different from the ending in the book.)

Later: British publishers Gollancz report that the artwork has been made available to them.

The Prestige was released in the USA on October 20, 2006. In its first weekend it was the #1 film in the US domestic box office, grossing an estimated $14.8 million. In the UK the film will be released on November 10. Release dates for other countries can be found on IMDb: