Christopher Priest

Real-Time World


NEL, 1974. ISBN 0 450 02141 6 [hardback 2.25; pp.158]. Currently out of print. The first edition is shown here. The British paperback reprint was from NEL (1976). Translations are available.
This was Chris Priest's first short story collection, now mostly remarkable for its extreme scarcity. Only a few dozen copies of the hardback edition were sold outside libraries, and the paperback made little impression. The title story adumbrates several of CP's later themes in his novels, and in its day another story, The Head and the Hand, was frequently anthologized. With a couple of exceptions, though, the rest of the stories are early work. [Includes: Introduction by CP. Stories: The Head and the Hand, Fire Storm, Double Consummation, A Woman Naked, Transplant, Breeding Ground, Sentence in Binary Code, The Perihelion Man, The Run, Real-Time World.]