Christopher Priest

The Separation (Old Earth Books)

The Separation


Old Earth Books, 2005 [ISBN 1-882968-33-6, $25.00; pp.338; some copies are signed by the author]. Originally published in 2002 by Scribner (Simon & Schuster). Also available in translation.

What they say

"... masterfully conceived and written, thoughtful, audacious, a stab to the heart of historical appearances." - Nick Gevers, Locus.
"... Many alternative history novels are bloodless extrapolations from mountains of data, but this one quietly builds characters you care about -- then leaves their dilemmas unresolved as they try to believe that what they have done is 'right.'" Publishers Weekly


Arthur C. Clarke Award, 2002
BSFA Award for best novel, 2002
Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire, 2006

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Chris Priest's most recent novel has at last been published in the USA by Old Earth Books. The Separation is a re-examination of the early years of World War II through the story of two young men, identical twins, drawn into the conflict. Complex personal and moral issues separate them. Both men are destined to become victims of the war, one a pacifist, his brother a warrior. The reader is drawn steadily into the maze, betrayed both by history and memory.

Old Earth Books' stunningly beautiful hardcover edition (depicted above) is selling fast! However, a limited number of signed copies of the 1st printing are still available, and are obtainable direct from the publisher at the normal price. Click HERE to go direct to Old Earth Books' website.

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