Christopher Priest

'The Years Take Their Toll' - Selected pictures from the 1960s

1964 - CP seated at left, Charles Platt standing next to him, with Edward James and ... can you identify the fourth person on the right of the picture? [Click here if you can't.] The occasion was the Easter convention in Peterborough, the first any of the people here had ever been to. (This blurry fossil from four decades ago, when men were men and still wore ties, is a single frame from an 8mm home movie taken by Dave Barber, and rescued for purposes of blackmail by Peter Weston.) Four young writers
Film director - 1966 (photo by Dick Howett) 1966 - CP directing his first film, Second Chance. "The script was based on a short story of mine (never published). The film stock was 'borrowed'. I had never worked with nor even met the two actors before the day. They didn't know each other. We had no time for rehearsals, and the script existed only in my head. After the first day's shoot, the film came back from the lab irrecoverably under-exposed. There was never a second day and I abandoned my directorial career forever." (Photo by Dick Howett.)
1968 - Science fiction convention in Buxton. Other panellists were John Brunner, Kenneth Bulmer and Thomas M. Disch. (Photo: unknown.) 1968 - Buxton sf con

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